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Here at Luxor Lighting we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and service. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution for your sports lighting application. Our LED high bays are industry leading in both performance and quality for both field house and dome lighting applications.

sport lighting inflatable dome LX45 LED fixture
LX-45 LED Fixture

The LX-45 features a nominal lumen output of 49,000 lumens and an LM-80 of over 170,000 hours. With high performance and long lasting quality, the Luxor Lighting LX-Series, LX-45 and LX-72, offers unparalleled performance and reliability in a broad range of sporting applications available in either direct or indirect lighting.

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Canadian made LX72 LED fixture
LX-72 LED Fixture

The LX-72 features a nominal lumen output of 70,000 lumens and an L70 of over 175,000 hours. All Luxor products are assembled and manufactured in Canada. This results in shorter lead times, excellent quality control and greater peace of mind knowing that your lighting is made to order for your specific application and project needs.

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indoor soccer tennis lighting
Past Projects

At Luxor Lighting we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality products and service. With an industry leading five-year comprehensive warranty and a ten-year LED warranty, we stand behind our products.

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